Type in one or more words (or word fragments) to search for:

This is a case-insensitive “all words as substrings” search; words are separated by spaces. By default, the following fields are relevant: Summary, Keywords, Product, Component, Status Whiteboard. If a word looks like a part of a URL, that field is included in the search, too.

The generic format for a “word” is field1,…,fieldN:value1,…,valueM. A bug qualifies if at least one of the values occurs as a substring in at least one of the fields. For example, assignee,reporter,qa:ibm,sun will give you bugs where the assignee, reporter, or qa contact has a login that contains ibm or sun. If only value1,…,valueM is given, the prefix (roughly) defaults to summary,keywords,product,component,statuswhiteboard: as noted above. You can use -word to express the logical negation of word.

Here is a complete listing of available fields (the Shortcut column is just for access speed):

Searched by default Shortcut Field Name Aliases Description
FIX,DUP,…(as first word)
status   Status (“bug_status”)
  resolution   Resolution
  as-is platform   Platform (“rep_platform”)
    os opsys OS (“op_sys”)
  p1,p2 or p1-2 priority pri Priority
  blo,cri,…,enh severity sev Severity (“bug_severity”)
  @assignee assignedto assignee Assignee (“assigned_to”)
    reporter rep Reporter (login)
    qa qacontact QA Contact (login) (“qa_contact”)
    cc   CC (login)
yes :area product prod Product (enum)
yes component comp Component
    version ver Version (enum)
    milestone target, targetmilestone Target Milestone (“target_milestone”)
yes   summary shortdesc Bug Summary (short text) (“short_desc”)
    description desc, longdesc Bug Description / Comments (long text)
depends   url   URL (“bug_file_loc”)
yes   statuswhiteboard sw, whiteboard Status Whiteboard (“status_whiteboard”)
yes !keyword keywords kw Keywords
    group   Group
  flag?requestee flag   Flag name and status (+, - or ?)
  requestee req Flag requestee (login)
    setter set Flag setter (login)
    attachmentdesc attachdesc Attachment Description (“attachments.description”)
    attachmentdata attachdata Attachment Data (“attach_data.thedata”)
    attachmentmimetype attachmimetype Attachment mime-type (“attachments.mimetype”)
    votes   Number of votes
(votes:N and votes>=N mean "at least N votes", votes>N means "more than N votes")

Examples for some useful abbreviations:

Syntax Semantics and Examples
:area product,component:area
sev severity:sev
blo,cri,maj severe bugs
enh enhancement requests
plevel priority:level
p1 very high-priority bugs
p1-2 high-priority bugs
@assignee assignedto:assignee
!keyword keywords:keyword
flag?requestee flag:flag? requestee:requestee

More information can be found in the “Features” section on the introductory page.