Bug 7907

Summary: dist-upgrade wrong behavior
Product: [Development] Sisyphus Reporter: Konstantin Pavlov <thresh@altlinux.org>
Component: aptAssignee: Nobody's working on this, feel free to take it <nobody@altlinux.org>
Status: CLOSED WONTFIX QA Contact: qa-sisyphus@altlinux.org
Severity: normal    
Priority: P2 CC: at@altlinux.org, boyarsh@altlinux.org, evg@altlinux.org, imz@altlinux.org, ldv@altlinux.org, mike@altlinux.org, mithraen@altlinux.ru, msp@altlinux.org
Version: unstable   
Hardware: all   
OS: Linux   
URL: http://lists.altlinux.ru/pipermail/sisyphus/2005-September/068767.html

Description From 2005-09-08 20:10:42
I have own build of MPlayer package, where i removed dependencies on some not
needed libs, like libxmms, libjack etc.

MPlayer is on hold in apt.conf.

Local installed version of MPlayer is 1.0-alt20.snowflake.pre7, and the one that
is available in Sisyphus repository is 1.0-alt21.pre7.

When i do 'apt-get dist-upgrade' apt wants to install those libs, that i removed
from my own version of MPlayer:

Следующие НОВЫЕ пакеты будут установлены:
  libarts libdirectfb libdv libfaad libjack liblame-hydrogen liblirc liblzo
  libmad libxmms
Следующие пакеты будут СОХРАНЕНЫ:

Seems like APT checkes only repository's version of package dependencies, not
the local one's.

In fact, i did tried install and remove those lib-packages, as u can see in
------- Comment #1 From 2013-08-15 19:26:32 -------
Looks like it's not gonna be fixed in apt-rpm.