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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
24332 NEW blo Sisyphus TORCS lav@altlinux.org crux@altlinux.org CVE-2010-3384: insecure library loading
4435 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus TORCS asbel@altlinux.org lav@altlinux.org Неверно расположен файл меню
8742 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus TORCS eostapets@altlinux.org lav@altlinux.org /usr/lib/torcs is not owned by any package
3787 CLOS FIXE enh Sisyphus TORCS icesik@altlinux.org dfo@altlinux.org Old version in sisyphus
7649 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus TORCS icesik@altlinux.org admin@krico.komi.com При попытку запустить New Race TORCS валится
3366 CLOS WORK nor Sisyphus TORCS lav@altlinux.org voins@altlinux.org segfault in TORCS on mga g450
8252 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus TORCS lav@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org TORCS has libexpat
3882 CLOS NOTA maj Sisyphus TORCS asbel@altlinux.org aris@altlinux.org memory leak

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