There is currently a bug [in AIGLX] that prevents things from forking correctly on 64-bit arches. ...
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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
32740 NEW nor Sisyphus bridge-u Failed to preset unit: No such file or directory (when installing)
28037 NEW nor Sisyphus bridge-u bridge-utils: Необходимо обеспечить совместимость службы с systemd
5104 CLOS FIXE min Sisyphus bridge-u Bad encoding specification in summary
8745 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus bridge-u brctl(8) ошибочно перенесён в /usr/sbin/
13008 CLOS NOTA nor Sisyphus bridge-u wrong deps
20570 CLOS NOTA min Sisyphus bridge-u disable startup by default please
25236 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus bridge-u init script is obsoleted

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