we learned that the Linux load average rolls over at 1024. And we actually found this out empirically. -- H. Peter Anvin regarding kernel.org ...
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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
25229 NEW --- nor Sisyphus control ldv sin В %post_control не продумано добавление новых возможностей при обновлении
26458 NEW --- nor Sisyphus control ldv icesik требуется --help, независимый от man(1)
39436 NEW --- enh Sisyphus control ldv dshein добавление функционала управления членством в samba usershares для доменных пользователей
3426 ASSI --- enh Sisyphus control ldv mike [FR] %post_control one-line usage description would be nice

File a new bug in the "control" component of the "Sisyphus" product