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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
1527 CLOS FIXE blo Sisyphus latex2ht aen@altlinux.org pip@iszf.irk.ru the executable \'latex2html\' seeks files in wrong dir
1612 CLOS DUPL blo Sisyphus latex2ht ldv@altlinux.org sass@altlinux.org wrong path
5890 CLOS WORK nor Sisyphus latex2ht ldv@altlinux.org spider@lsi.bas-net.by Формулы не преобразуются в картинки
10698 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus latex2ht ldv@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org url.sty shold not be packaged?
19946 CLOS FIXE enh Sisyphus latex2ht kirill@altlinux.org kirill@altlinux.org latex2html-2008 available
20107 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus latex2ht kirill@altlinux.org kirill@altlinux.org please rebuild according to ALT TeX policy proposal
31598 CLOS WONT nor Sisyphus latex2ht kirill@altlinux.org viy@altlinux.org update version to 2012
676 CLOS WONT nor Sisyphus latex2ht kirill@altlinux.org const@altlinux.ru Ошибки в конвертации формул

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