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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
19727 NEW --- nor Sisyphus openldap boyarsh combr glibc detected - invalid pointer in slapacl
31713 NEW --- blo Sisyphus openldap boyarsh glebus неверные ссылки на сертификаты при настройке LDAP/Kerberos "домена" штатными средствами альтератора
32388 NEW --- maj Sisyphus openldap boyarsh imz log socket is created with wrong name and perms by rpm -i
40136 NEW --- nor Sisyphus openldap boyarsh egor slapd не работает в LXC-контейнере
29315 ASSI --- nor Sisyphus openldap boyarsh slchess нет slapo-sssvlv

File a new bug in the "openldap-servers" component of the "Sisyphus" product