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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
3373 CLOS FIXE min Sisyphus tetex-la textcase.sty: \MakeTextUpper(Lower)case and not needed space
1736 CLOS WONT blo Sisyphus tetex-la no deps on cm-super-fonts-tex
5394 CLOS NOTA enh Sisyphus tetex-la cmap needed
24474 CLOS WONT enh Sisyphus tetex-la pdflatex doesn't generate needed fonts
1414 CLOS FIXE maj Sisyphus tetex-la Пакет hyperref не поддерживает опцию unicode
1262 CLOS FIXE enh Sisyphus tetex-la включение дополнительного пакета

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