It's the sort of adrenaline experience that others, perhaps, seek through horror movies, bungee jumping, investing in equities, or PHP programming. (Jon Corbet) ...
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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
7791 CLOS FIXE maj Sisyphus wxGTK2u Проблема с новым pango 1.10
8582 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus wxGTK2u error in specfile -- it is not x86_64 compliant.
8637 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus wxGTK2u multilib fix
9628 CLOS DUPL nor Sisyphus wxGTK2u Новая версия 2.6.3
11358 CLOS DUPL maj Sisyphus wxGTK2u crashes when close all the tabs
13171 CLOS FIXE cri Sisyphus wxGTK2u Падает при попытке free
7004 CLOS FIXE min Sisyphus wxGTK2u poedit crashes after double free on exit

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