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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
6070 CLOS NOTA nor Sisyphus xorg-x11 Теряется связь после обновления
9304 CLOS FIXE maj Sisyphus xorg-x11 Проблема при обновлении до 1.0.1-alt4
10360 CLOS WONT nor Sisyphus xorg-x11 xfs runs out of memory and gets killed
13730 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus xorg-x11 missing prereq on shadow-utils
14896 CLOS NOTA blo Sisyphus xorg-x11 crashes on Eterm startup
15183 CLOS WORK enh Sisyphus xorg-x11 restart xfs to keep it always available
15186 CLOS FIXE nor Sisyphus xorg-x11 segfault with empty catalogue

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