While viewed by some purists as a rebarbative barbarism... (Programming Ruby)  ...
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ID Status Resolution Sev Product Comp Assignee Reporter Summary
8131 NEW --- enh Sisyphus xxkb placeholder eostapets support new system tray specification
18757 NEW --- nor Sisyphus xxkb placeholder vyt Segfault at session startup
41504 NEW --- nor Sisyphus xxkb placeholder viy xxkb: fails a few minutes after start: with X Error: BadMatch
44187 NEW --- nor Sisyphus icewm-st viy antohami При перезапуске icewm значок xxkb не попадает в трей
13258 ASSI --- nor Sisyphus app-defa placeholder solo Поддержка ru_RU.UTF-8 отсутствует

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