Общий репозиторий пакетов ALT Linux 3.0

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact

7colors rider@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Little addicting game, take over the gaming area with your color

855resolution rider@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Change resolution on Intel 855 chipset

ALDConvert george@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
ALT Linux Documentation Project format converter

AVLTree-devel aen@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
AVL Tree library

AfterStep legion@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
AfterStep Window Manager

AlephOne sass@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
3D first-person shooter game

AlephOne-m2-demo sass@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
AlephOne data files for Marathon 2 Demo

AlephOne-minf-demo sass@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
AlephOne data files for Marathon Infinity Demo

AqGuard cray@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
AqGuard - 'strange' URL restricting

BTreeFolder2 gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A Zope like-folder object for storing large folder objects

BitTornado algor@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
BitTornado - bittorrent client.

BitTorrent algor@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
BitTorrent - bittorrent client.

C++2LaTeX inger@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Pretty-printer for converting C/C++ code to a LaTeX listing

CMF gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
CMF - Content Management Framework for Zope

CMF-CMFCalendar gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A Calendar Tool for CMF package

CMF-DCWorkflow gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
DCWorkflow - a custom workflow support for CMF

CMFActionIcons gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A tool for build icon toolbars for CMF

CMFFormController gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Portal form validation mechanism for CMF and Plone

CMFQuickInstallerTool gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A tool for installing CMF products

ClientCookie-python akhavr@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Python module for handling HTTP cookies on the client side

CrownCutlass lav@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Crown and Cutlass is a 3d pirate action/adventure game

Epoz gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Epoz is a WYSIWYG editor for Zope

Epplets alex.murugin@gmail.com at@altlinux.org
applets for enlightenment

Eterm aris@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
An Enlightened terminal emulator for the X Window System

FSViewer.app voins@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
FSViewer is a NeXT FileViewer lookalike for Window Maker

FTSC inger@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
FidoNet Technical Standards

FaxMail taf@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A program to send faxes for free via email and the TPC system

FlightGear darkstar@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
FlightGear - best opensource fly simulation engine

FlightGear-data darkstar@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
The opensource fly simulation engine

FlightGear-doc darkstar@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
FlightGear - best opensource fly simulation engine

Formulator gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Formulator - a form creation product for Zope

GConf ldv@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Gnome Config System

GConf2 aris@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Gnome Config System

GTKsubtitler aris@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Tool for editing and converting subtitles for divx films

Getleft canis@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Tcl/Tk WWW site grabber powered by curl

GroupUserFolder gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
User folder with groups support for Zope

IceWMCP hiddenman@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM.

ImageMagick rider@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
An X application for displaying and manipulating images

LDAPExplorerTool eostapets@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A free multi-platform LDAP client

LiVES aris@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
The Linux Video Editing System

LinNeighborhood sass@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Samba share browser

Localizer gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Multilanguage support for Zope products.

MAKEDEV ldv@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
A program used for creating the device files in /dev

MOFS gik@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
Utilite library for SqlWizard.

MPlayer week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
MPlayer is the Unix video player (console version)

MPlayer-doc week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
MPlayer docs

MPlayer-fonts week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
fonts and font tools for the MPlayer

MPlayer-vidix week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
VIDeo Interface for *nIX

MPlayer-vidix-mach64 week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
VIDIX driver for ATI Mach64

MPlayer-vidix-mga week@altlinux.org at@altlinux.org
VIDIX drivers for Matrox Gxxx series