Bug 35779

Summary: просят собрать optimus manager из manjaro
Product: New/proposed packages Reporter: Michael Shigorin <mike>
Component: Обычный репозиторийAssignee: Nobody's working on this, feel free to take it <nobody>
Status: NEW --- QA Contact: Andrey Cherepanov <cas>
Severity: enhancement    
Priority: P3 CC: antohami, cas, gbIMoBou, viy, zerg
Version: не указанаKeywords: usability
Hardware: x86_64   
OS: Linux   
URL: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Optimus_Manager

Description Michael Shigorin 2018-12-14 14:52:26 MSK

--- 2018-12-04
Thats a very polished distribution, linux at its best!

Using P8 LXDE because LXDE is my favorite desktop, i dont like LXQT or others and actually installed it on an Old Dell optilex 330...very very impressed, runs faster than anything else that i have tried, not even manjaro with openbox or vector linux were capable of beat its speed!

The Apt package manager is very familiar and friendly to those used to debian!

The only thing i miss and prevents me from using it as my main system is the lack of optimus drivers, couldnt find any solution like nvidia prime select found on ubuntu or optimus manager from manjaro.

Also steam and lutris are not on the repository and selecting São Paulo time zone gives me some bug...

Other than that its one of the best distros i have ever used! Fix these things and i will be back to give you 10!
--- https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=alt

Понятно, что http://altlinux.org/optimus -- но на http://en.altlinux.org этой странички нет, а с apt-cache search человек, видимо, не справился (или не знал).
Comment 1 Вадим Илларионов 2023-08-22 15:50:09 MSK
Есть два готовых пакета - собственно оптимус-менеджер:
И крутилка им из лотка в КДЕ:
Кто бы взялся собрать? Ноутов-то с гибридным видео на руках преизрядно.
Comment 2 Sergey V Turchin 2023-08-31 14:21:11 MSK
(Ответ для Вадим Илларионов на комментарий #1)
> Есть два готовых пакета
Это лишь обёртки над /sbin/prime-offload