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Description From 2012-11-21 14:31:20

Between 2.4.10 and 2.4.11, the following bugfixes were included:

[22080]Fix make dist for Swedish accounts files Reported by Robert Fewell
[22260]Rewrite the tip-of-the-day parsing logic Since commit 22246, an empty
tip of the day appears in the list of tips. This is due to the way the file is
parsed. This commit rewrites the parsing logic to avoid such problems. As an
added bonus, you can now add newlines in tips by using '\n' in the string.
[22248]Bug #678848 - Customer/Vendor reports off-by-one on start date
Additionally removes a superfluous module load
[22246][PATCH] Fix tip-of-the-day with gcc-4.7 When making the text file
tips-of-the-day, GnuCash expects 'gcc -E' to preserve at least one of the
whitespace lines between entries. However, this relies on behavior of 'gcc -E'
that isn't actually part of the spec, and is a historical accident. And it
changed in gcc-4.7, such that all the whitespace is removed. Work around this
by explicitly adding a newline in the sed expression. Pre gcc-4.7 there will be
two newlines between tips, but this has no impact on the tip displaying code.
Patch by Bill Nottingham
Bug #631611 - Check printing fails because fonts are too tiny on Windows Lesson
learned: don't use cairo_identity_matrix on a cairo_t managed by
GtkPrintContext. It kills a number of transformations that were already
configured by GtkPrintContext. On Windows this breaks proper scaling.
Fix a double free crash when the required features dialog is shown
Bug #611853 - Entering a 2-digit year in the opening balance tab results in
"Parsing Error" This bug was already fixed on trunk as part of the patch that
converted the new account dialog from glade to gtkbuilder. This commit extracts
only the parts required to fix bug #611853
[22224] Bug #671323 - Scheduled monthly transactions lose "except on weekends"
setting when using MySQL
[22229] Bug #678214 - GnuCash fails to open some post-processed XML files Patch
by Daniel Harding
Bug #677570 - Error creating net worth linechart report Remove doubled file
contents. Changeset 21628 has already done this for trunk.
Add formatting to table. Add cell padding to columns in table.
Bug #677570 Error creating net worth linechart report Revert "Added user
settable line width and data point markers to net worth" Removed entire commit
in order to make report work. Details of error still need to found so that the
feature can be reinstated. This reverts r21644. Note, this feature works in
[22197]Add EXTRA_CFLAGS for compiling on Win7 Configure gets confused by some
gcc builtins on Win7: Disable them so that configure finds the right settings.
Add EXTRA_CFLAGS to inst_gnucash compile line so that cflags can be added by
[r22171][Bug 674862] Gnucash crashes after creating a new SX using the Mortgage
Wizard and SQL Backend This addresses the crash reported on Ubuntu with
Postgres by Krzysiek. The stack trace he posted showed the crash was the result
of dereferencing a NULL GDate*, and this change protects against that. It still
doesn't address the more basic problem of why on Win32 and with mysql and pgsql
(but not SQLite3) the mortgage wizard is writing corrupt dates.
[r22188][Bug #674862] Gnucash crashes after creating a new SX using the
Mortgage Wizard and SQL Backend Special-cases dbi_result_get_datetime returning
-1 to work around a bug in MinGW's implementation of gmtime().
[22157] Bug #674494: Fix version and method of downloading isocodes in win32
packaging Patch by Mark Jenkins
[r22154][Bug 674283] With mysql crash after deleting accounts included into a
budget Never assume a pointer is NULL unless you set it to NULL!
[22097] [Win32 build] Update gwenhywfar/aqbanking versions.
[22090] Revert r22083, "Adapt German account templates to updated tax rate." A
pure renaming is not the correct solution, I've been told.
[22083] Adapt German account templates to updated tax rate.
[22067] Remove potentially abandoned file (that has a GPLv2-only license, too).
The last contributors here, Josh Sled and Chris Lyttle, have put their code
under "GPLv2 and GPLv3" license, see r22063, but I'm too lazy to look up the
copyright holders on the file as a whole so I'd rather remove it. If someone
wants to add a similar packaging file again, feel free to do so, but please
don't use GPLv2-only code to do so.
[22066] Bug #670727: Extend license of 3 files to be GPLv2 and GPLv3. This has
been granted by the gnumeric copyright holders. See
[22063] Bug #670727: Clarify license of a file to be GPLv2 and GPLv3
gnc-dense-cal.h: License remark was forgotten in r19507, but the author Josh
Sled agreed on GPLv2 and GPLv3 licensing in his gnucash-devel message on
Fix skipping of alternate rows when there is a customer id mis-match and fix
gtk_entry_set_text errors. Fix already exists in trunk.
Revert "Fix skipping of alternate rows when there is a customer id mis-match."
Doesn't fully work. Will redo. This reverts commit
Fix skipping of alternate rows when there is a customer id mis-match. Fix
already exists in trunk.
Fix translatable strings. Patch provided by Aurimas Fišeras.
Properly handle Windos end-of-line markers in determining file versions.
[21905] Bug #668196: Fix installation of python bindings With this patch, files
are correctly installed together. Patch by Vincent Untz.
[22018] Bug 632931: Advanced Portfolio: total gains does not include income -
new column layout as suggested on bugzilla. Total return is now an amount (not
a percentage), and includes income as well as capital gains. New column "Rate
of return" gives the percentage. - changed default value for "Ignore brokerage
fees when calculating returns", the default is now to NOT ignore the fees.
Patch by Sebastien Alborini <salborini@gmail.com>
[22012] Bug #669494 - Swedish account plan provided (BAS 2012) Additionally
this commit adds some required changes to get the Swedish account plans to
actually show up in GnuCash (both BAS and the earlier committed Swedish small
business account plan)
[22011] Fix a GtkWarning in the Account Hierarchy Druid which occurs if the
Example Account file doesn't contain a long description.
Fix translatable strings code for tax invoice report.
Fix translatable strings code for some reports. Patch provided by Aurimas
[21978] Move the features tests to its own source files. This allows for -
other engine consumers to use the features test as well (think CuteCash, python
bindings,...) - a central point for developers to check for feature definitions
- a central point to manage all feature related code
Windows: Update Gtk+ to 2.24.10
In 2.4.11, the following languages had their translations updated: Lithuanian,
Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Bulgarian.
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