Bug 30673 - execution of some scripts is broken in eshell
: execution of some scripts is broken in eshell
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Reported: 2015-01-23 17:24 by
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Description From 2015-01-23 17:24:10

I have installed "topgit" from nixpkgs (as described at http://nixos.org/nix/ :
 curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh ; make sure that ~/.nix-profile/bin is
in your PATH -- .bash_profile gets updated by the installation procedure; 
nix-env -i topgit).

In eshell, it doesn't work:

$ ~/.nix-profile/bin/tg create example-simple_/essence
/nix/store/cxrc12hkmvrjlq747cm08av6jl41nzi1-bash-4.3-p30/bin/sh:  : No such
file or directory

In a normal terminal with shell, it works.

Also, the following works successfully in eshell, too:

$ strace -e trace=file -fF ~/.nix-profile/bin/tg create example-simple_/essence

It seems that I catched a similar bug in eshell a long time ago: once I
couldn't successfully finish an "rpm -ba ..." build process in eshell (or

I had a guess that it's caused by broken signal handling or child process
management in eshell...
------- Comment #1 From 2015-01-23 17:25:30 -------
(I want to file this bug report under Sisyphus after I check that the bug
appears in the Sisyphus release of emacs, too.)