Bug 32422 - readpst -r incorrectly names a file according to its type: Recoverable Items/Calendar Logging/mbox
: readpst -r incorrectly names a file according to its type: Recoverable Items/...
: Sisyphus
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: unstable
: all Linux
: P3 normal
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Reported: 2016-08-23 16:06 by
Modified: 2016-08-24 12:26 (History)



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Description From 2016-08-23 16:06:01

When doing the recursive folders with: readpst -w -o /tmp/readpst//root -r -D

the result has a mismatch between the name and the type at Recoverable
Items/Calendar Logging/mbox:

# find /tmp/readpst/root/mailtst/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 file
/tmp/readpst/root/mailtst/Recoverable Items/Calendar Logging/mbox:             
                  vCalendar calendar file
/tmp/readpst/root/mailtst/Recoverable Items/Deletions/mbox:                    
                  UTF-8 Unicode mail text, with very long lines
                  vCalendar calendar file

It is expected to be named "mbox".
------- Comment #1 From 2016-08-23 16:10:35 -------
This prevents a correct use of the output as a mail_location for dovecot; as

doveadm -Dv sync -u USER -1 -R
------- Comment #2 From 2016-08-23 17:45:38 -------
BTW (just not to forget; not that they are needed to overcome this minor bug):
other tools to read PST:

1. https://packages.altlinux.org/en/Sisyphus/srpms/libpff
2. https://packages.altlinux.org/en/Sisyphus/srpms/java-libpst
------- Comment #3 From 2016-08-23 18:02:39 -------
Reported upstream at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1369499 (the
Redhat maintainer turned out to coincide with the upstream maintainer), with a

It is expected to be named "calendar".
------- Comment #4 From 2016-08-23 18:57:37 -------
will look at it.
------- Comment #5 From 2016-08-23 22:55:26 -------
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1369499#c3 -- more understanding of
this specific issue and of a more global problem of readpst -r
------- Comment #7 From 2016-08-24 12:26:06 -------
Ну, в нашем примере не так много интересного по таким причинам пропускается --
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/attachment.cgi?id=1193404 . Это в основном как раз
про эту "Recoverable Items". И мне так показалось в итоге после проверки новой
версии и сравнения результатов, что отдельные календари, которые он может
вытащить -- они же лежат в виде attachments к почте в той же папке (и значит, в
итоге в каком-то виде приезжают). Если так, да и неплохо это для Recoverable