Bug 4542 - Не запускается второй Х-сервер
: Не запускается второй Х-сервер
: Sisyphus
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: unstable
: all Linux
: P2 normal
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Reported: 2004-06-29 09:25 by
Modified: 2005-08-31 03:17 (History)



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Description From 2004-06-29 09:25:06
При запущенном Х-сервере не удается из консоли запустить второй: 

[andrei@main andrei]$ xinit -- :1 

This is a pre-release version of XFree86, and is not supported in any 
way.  Bugs may be reported to XFree86@XFree86.Org and patches submitted 
to fixes@XFree86.Org.  Before reporting bugs in pre-release versions, 
please check the latest version in the XFree86 CVS repository 

XFree86 Version (ALT Linux build: 4.3.0-alt15) 
Release Date: 15 August 2003 
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 6.6 
Build Operating System: Linux 2.4.25-std-smp-alt7 i686 [ELF] 
Build Date: 17 May 2004 
Build Host: mash.office.altlinux.ru 

        Before reporting problems, check http://www.XFree86.Org/ 
        to make sure that you have the latest version. 
Module Loader present 
OS Kernel: Linux version 2.4.26-std-up-alt2 (builder@mash.office.altlinux.ru) 
(gcc version 2.96 20000731 (ALT Linux, build 2.96-alt6)) #1 Tue May 18 00:52:24 
MSD 2004 P 
Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting, 
         (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational, 
         (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown. 
(==) Log file: "/var/log/XFree86.1.log", Time: Sun Jun 13 22:00:51 2004 
(==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/XF86Config-4" 
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to allocate external video decoder object 
(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting *** 

Fatal server error: 
AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0 

When reporting a problem related to a server crash, please send 
the full server output, not just the last messages. 
This can be found in the log file "/var/log/XFree86.1.log". 
Please report problems to xfree86@packages.altlinux.org. 

XIO:  fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":1.0" 
      after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.
------- Comment #1 From 2005-04-26 22:03:24 -------
Вроде бы по этому поводу в драйвере nvidia что-то когда-то правилось...