Bug 47927 - valgrind работает на ppc64le?
Summary: valgrind работает на ppc64le?
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: Sisyphus
Classification: Development
Component: valgrind (show other bugs)
Version: unstable
Hardware: ppc Linux
: P5 normal
Assignee: placeholder@altlinux.org
QA Contact: qa-sisyphus
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Reported: 2023-10-10 15:35 MSK by Ivan A. Melnikov
Modified: 2023-10-10 15:35 MSK (History)
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Description Ivan A. Melnikov 2023-10-10 15:35:38 MSK
Попытался воспользоваться rpm-macros-valgrind в Сизифе, и на ppc64le вижу следующее:

[00:00:18] valgrind:  Fatal error at startup: a function redirection
[00:00:18] valgrind:  which is mandatory for this platform-tool combination
[00:00:18] valgrind:  cannot be set up.  Details of the redirection are:
[00:00:18] valgrind:  
[00:00:18] valgrind:  A must-be-redirected function
[00:00:18] valgrind:  whose name matches the pattern:      strlen
[00:00:18] valgrind:  in an object with soname matching:   ld64.so.2
[00:00:18] valgrind:  was not found whilst processing
[00:00:18] valgrind:  symbols from the object with soname: ld64.so.2
[00:00:18] valgrind:  
[00:00:18] valgrind:  Possible fixes: (1, short term): install glibc's debuginfo
[00:00:18] valgrind:  package on this machine.  (2, longer term): ask the packagers
[00:00:18] valgrind:  for your Linux distribution to please in future ship a non-
[00:00:18] valgrind:  stripped ld.so (or whatever the dynamic linker .so is called)
[00:00:18] valgrind:  that exports the above-named function using the standard
[00:00:18] valgrind:  calling conventions for this platform.  The package you need
[00:00:18] valgrind:  to install for fix (1) is called
[00:00:18] valgrind:  
[00:00:18] valgrind:    On Debian, Ubuntu:                 libc6-dbg
[00:00:18] valgrind:    On SuSE, openSuSE, Fedora, RHEL:   glibc-debuginfo
[00:00:18] valgrind:  
[00:00:18] valgrind:  Note that if you are debugging a 32 bit process on a
[00:00:18] valgrind:  64 bit system, you will need a corresponding 32 bit debuginfo
[00:00:18] valgrind:  package (e.g. libc6-dbg:i386).
[00:00:18] valgrind:  
[00:00:18] valgrind:  Cannot continue -- exiting now.  Sorry.