Bug 27627

Summary: please, merge proposed patch with -F and -d options for %patch macro
Product: Sisyphus Reporter: viy <viy>
Component: rpm-buildAssignee: placeholder <placeholder>
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: qa-sisyphus
Severity: normal    
Priority: P3 CC: at, glebfm, imz, ldv, placeholder, real.altlinux.org, vt
Version: unstable   
Hardware: all   
OS: Linux   
URL: http://git.altlinux.org/people/viy/packages/?p=rpm.git;a=commit;h=dde00c0c3b2ed87b10b9eca6dadd398ba2e05bdf

Description viy 2012-08-10 21:35:19 MSK
build/parsePrep.c: $patch -F, -d options and macros

Backport from rpm 4.10:
%patch -F <fuzz>
%patch -d <destdir>
support for macros:
%{_default_patch_fuzz}  Default fuzz level for %patch in spec file.
%{_default_patch_flags} Default patch flags

Comment 1 Repository Robot 2012-08-18 01:16:57 MSK
rpm-4.0.4-alt100.54 -> sisyphus:

* Fri Aug 17 2012 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv@altlinux> 4.0.4-alt100.54
- Added armh arch support (by Sergey Bolshakov; closes: #26253).
- GROUPS: added Graphical desktop/MATE (by Igor Vlasenko; closes: #27626).
- %patch: added -F/-d options and appropriate macros for better
  spec file compatibility (by Igor Vlasenko; closes: #27627).
- %configure: update config.sub and config.guess right before configure.
- debugedit: backported DWARF-4 support from rpm.org.
Comment 2 viy 2012-08-18 11:18:23 MSK